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Everyone needs a little adventure in their lives. Hopefully some of my adventures will help you decide to check out some of the places I have been.

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Guayaquil Ecuador Hotel And Travel Tips

Having visited Guayaquil Ecuador on many occasions, I felt it was time to put together an article on travel tips and hotel information for the city. Guayaquil is the main starting point for Galapagos tours. Most people have to at least spend 1 night on each leg of their trip to the Galapagos Islands. Therefore, this is an important place to at least find out a little bit about. I have found Guayaquil to be a very large and oftentimes dangerous place for those who are visiting. This is a c


Cruising The Galapagos by Yacht

Having visited Ecuador on many occasions, we finally decided to visit the Galapagos islands. In our search for an affordable and exciting vacation, we checked online through the most popular tour companies in that region. Our top three choices were Metropolitan Touring Company, Gadventures, and Klein Tours. We chose Klein Tours due to the allure of the idea that we would be in a yacht at affordable rates. This turned out being a great choice as this truly was a yacht and the rates were compa