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University Hotels

Welcome to's University hotel page. We have researched the hotels near universities and colleges in the United States and have located the hotels nearest to each university and college. We also negotiated low rates with these hotels to provide you the best deals that you can find on the internet.

Complete List of Hotels Near Alabama Colleges
Auburn University
Complete List of Hotels Near Arkansas Colleges
Complete List of Hotels Near Arizona Colleges
Arizona State University
University of Arizona
American River College
Complete List of Hotels Near California Colleges
California State University Fullerton
California State University Long Beach
California State University Northridge
California State University Sacramento
Pepperdine University Malibu
Pepperdine University Long Beach
Pepperdine University Thousand Oaks
Pepperdine University Center
Stanford University Palo Alto
Stanford University Stanford
City College of San Francisco
De Anza College Cupertino
Diablo Valley College
El Camino College
Long Beach City College
Mt San Antonio College
Orange Coast College
Palomar College
Pasadena City College
San Diego Mesa College
San Diego State University
San Francisco State University
San Jose State University
University of Santa Monica
University of California Berkeley
University of California Davis
University of California Irvine
University of California Los Angeles
University of Southern California
Colorado State University Fort Collins
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Connecticut
Yale University
University of Delaware
Florida International University
Florida State University
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of South Florida
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State University
Emory University
University of Georgia
Iowa State University
University of Iowa
University of Northern Iowa
College of Du Page
Northern Illinois University
Sounthern Illinois University
University of Chicago
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana
Indiana University Purdue
Purdue University
Notre Dame
Kansas State University
University of Kansas
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
Louisianna State University
Tulane University
Boston College
Boston University
Brandeis University
Harvard University
Northeastern University
Tufts University
University of Massachusetts
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hotels
Johns Hopkins University Columbia
University of Maryland
Central Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University
Michigan State University
University of Michigan
Wayne State University
Western Michigan University
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri
Washington University St Louis
North Carolina
Duke University
North Carolina State University
North Carolina University
Wake Forest University
Nebraska University
New Hampshire
Dartmouth University
New Jersey
Princeton University
Rutgers University
New Mexico
New Mexico University
New York
Columbia University
Cornell University
Nassau Community College
New York University
Rensseleaer Polytechnic
SUNY Buffalo
Syracuse University
University of Rochester
Kent State University
Ohio State University
University of Akron
Case Western Reserve University
University of Cincinnati
University of Toledo
University of Oklahoma
Carnegie Melon University
Pennsylvania State University
Temple University
University of Penn Philadelphia
University of Pittsburgh
Rhode Ishland
Brown University
South Carolina
University of South Carolina
University of Tennessee
Central Texas College
Rice University
Southwest Texas State University
Texas A & M University
Texas Tech University
University of Texas Arlington
University of Texas Austin
University of Houston
University of Texas
Brigham Young University
University of Utah
Utah State University
College of William and Mary
George Mason University
University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Polytechnic University
University of Washington
Washington State University
Washington DC
Georgetown University
Johns Hopkins University Washington
George Washington University
Marquette University
University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin
West Virginia
Virginia University

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